A Lesson Learned

My writing critique group meets every Friday at the local Wegmans. As I was scurrying in today, I noticed the cart collector wrestling with a large train of carts. At least ten carts, gleaming in the bright sun, were herded together by a large, green strap. Sporting a bright orange vest, the cart boy, bent almost horizontally, pulled on the strap trying to move the collection of carts up an incline and into the store. Once, he had the carts on level ground, he stood up, took a deep breath, and proceeded much more quickly and easily.

The whole scene reminded me of how I feel when I’m wrestling with a problem. When something weighs heavy on me, moving forward even a little, is like pulling the carts up an incline. First, I need to get a hold of myself and emotionally position myself so that I’m on level ground. Only then does a solution appear possible. Once the cart boy releases the strap, the carts break apart, allowing them to be easily managed. Once I can release the weight of a problem and break it apart, it also becomes more easily managed. When I finally work through the issue, I too, am able to take a breath and proceed peacefully and easily. Lessons abound…we need only keep our eyes open.


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